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Steel Cowboy Buildings of Texas 

Family Owned and Operated by Native Texans

Picture of us finishing up this house located in Atascosa, Texas.  It is 30' x 50' x 10' with a 2/12 pitch.  Two walk-in doors and 7 windows.  Blue trim ... left off the front for right now as they plan to add a front porch in the near future!

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This 40' x 70' two story house is located in Horseshoe Bay in the Hill Country.  This home is still under construction.

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How about this beauty?  These folks live in Spring Branch.  40' x 70' x 10' with a 3/12 pitch.  It has a two car garage, a 8' x 22' front porch and a 12' x 22" rear porch.  Tan with cocoa trim.

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This 30' x 50' x 10' house in Atascosa, Texas, has a 2/12 pitch and 10' continuous roof for the porch.  Two walk-in doors and 8 windows.  Green trim and added stone side walls.

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